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 Since 1998, Sarah Sokal have been entertaining the public in songs .She began performing, showing an interest for songwriting, and recorded her first song at 15 years old. She participated in diverse talent search auditions & performed in hotels, restaurants and other venues  across Quebec, in Canada doing covers for many years . She recorded an EP in 2012 (unreleased), a single in 2013 and she is now working on her first music album containing her own original songs, to be released in 2015.


She obtained the 2013 FACTOR Demo Grant & Runner Up at the International songwriting contest "SONG OF THE YEAR 2013" with her first featured original song : Ink and paper.


Using her musical talents to do fundraising events, she has  supported few community organisations helping childrens and womens. She adds a French-Canadian flavor in a refreshing and honest songwrittting style.  She is now in the Independant Canadian Singer-Songwriters market, working with some of the best Canadian talents.


The production/recording of the album and recording is made possible,thru different valuable  and talented advisors music producers and musicians  & supported by a team of Canadian visual professional artists  .


A Special Thanks, to  FACTOR & everyone involved  and supporting the development of this album.






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