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 Since 1998, Sarah Sokal have been entertaining a public in songs .She began performing and at a very young age, and showed an interest in songwritting . Her first original song was recorded at 15 years old. She participated in   talent search auditions (Canadian Idol/Star Academie ). She performed in hotels, restaurants and other venues in the Montreal and across Quebec,Canada doing covers for many years . 

Turning point in her musical career, she began a music album project containing her original compositions. She obtained the 2013 FACTOR Demo Grant & Runner Up at the International songwritting contest "SONG OF THE YEAR 2013" with her first  published original song : Ink and paper.


Using her musical talents to do  fundraising,  she has  supported few community organisations helping childrens and womens, her favorite causes. She adds a French-Canadian flavor in a refreshing and honnest songwrittting style.  She is now in the Canadian female Singer-Songwritters market working with some of the best Canadian talents.


The production/recording of the album and recording is made possible,thru different valuable advisors/ Music Producers of from Montreal and Toronto  & Supported by a team of Canadian visual  professional artists and talented musicians .


A Special Thanks, to  FACTOR & everyone involved  and supporting the development of this album.






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